What is it?

FolderHighlight is a small but powerful tool that changes the visual appearance of the folders in your PC. With FolderHighlight you can quickly change the color of any folder.

Even though Windows already allows you to customize folder icons for this purpose, FolderHighlight is a much easier to use as it integrates into the Explorer right-click menu, so you can quickly mark any folder without having to go through additional dialogs.

How it works?

We receive about 80% of all information through the eyes, and the same 80% of our memories consist of images. When you are browsing through dozens of visually similar folders, you are not using your vision to its full extent and thus your activity is less effective than it could be. But if some of these folders have a different color, they will catch the eye faster than you read their name. This way you can easily differentiate between folders and browse much faster, because you are using your vision much more efficiently.

Who needs it?

  • People who want a quick and convenient way to arrange and categorize information stored in their PCs.
  • People who work with a lot of documents and want to improve the efficiency and speed of their work.
  • People who want their operation system to look cleaner and nicer.

How to use it?

Screenshot Menu

FolderHighlight is very easy to use no matter how much do you know about your PC. To change color of a folder, right-click the required folder with your mouse, select FolderHighlight in the context menu and then choose a suitable appearance for the folder.

What are the system requirements?

FolderHighlight is working under Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 and Windows 10. Both x86 and x64 platforms are supported. It is possible to install FolderHighlight on Windows Server 2016 and 2019.

How much does it cost?

FolderHighlight costs $9.95. If you buy this product you will get a license key that allows to use this program without any limitations.

What are the limitations of the trial version?

The trial version of FolderHighlight is fully functional for 30 days. When the trial period is over, you have to buy a license key if you want to continue using FolderHighlight. Once you have received the key, right-click on any folder, select "Register..." under the FolderHighlight context menu and enter the license key in the corresponding text field.


Q: I'd changed the folder icon but changes didn't apply to it at the time. Only after I closed the window and reopened it I saw that folder look was changed.

A: Windows OS tries to improve the perfomance caching folder icons. Therefore sometimes changes made to the folder appearance do not apply at the time. You shouldn't worry about it. All you need is to refresh the window pressing F5.

Q: I've changed a folder icon. Can I copy it to another locations saving its color?

A: You can copy folders across supported volumes without losing their colors.

Q: If I burn highlighted folders to CD-Rs, will I see the changed folders icons

A: Sure... Burning folders will not reset their colors.

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