FolderHighlight v2.9 (released: 24 March 2021)

  • Improvement: Added FolderHighlight menu icon

FolderHighlight v2.8 (released: 27 March 2019)

  • Bug fixed: Pinned folders in Windows Explorer may not work after installation of FolderHighlight

FolderHighlight v2.7 (released: 15 September 2018)

  • Bug fixed: Crash in Windows Explorer caused by FolderHighlight

FolderHighlight v2.6 (released: 19 February 2016)

  • Improvement: Windows 10 support: icons updated to Windows 10 style.

FolderHighlight v2.5 (released: 17 October 2014)

  • Bug fixed: Folder icons in menu are not displayed if system font size set to 125% or 150%.

FolderHighlight v2.4 (released: 08 February 2010)

  • Improvement: unnecessary internal checks are removed. Initialization of extension should be now bit faster.
  • Bug fixed: Windows Explorer crashed in some cases on Windows XP when trying to change folder color in left tree view.

FolderHighlight v2.3 (released: 16 December 2009)

  • Improvement: Folder icons files are now marked as system and hidden. This can help you if you have "Show hidden files" enabled in Windows Explorer folder options.

FolderHighlight v2.2 (released: 22 November 2009)

  • Using native Vista and Windows 7 menu styles
  • FolderHighlight installed on 64-bit platform now registers also 32-bit extension to work properly with 32-bit applications

FolderHighlight v2.1 (released: 14 October 2009)

  • Better integration with Total commander and Directory Opus file managers

FolderHighlight v2.0 (released: 01 September 2009)

  • Ability to change folder colors in Windows Vista added
  • Ability to change folder colors in Windows 7 added

FolderHighlight v1.5 (released: 16 October 2007)

  • x64 edition support added
  • Bug fixed: original folder icons backup during "Clean..." operation

FolderHighlight v1.4 (released: 28 November 2006)

  • Bug fixing

FolderHighlight v1.3 (released: 04 November 2006)

  • New feature "Infotip management" is now available. You can easily manage Infotip for your folders! This is another great way to highlight your folder.
  • Fixed some registration issues

FolderHighlight v1.2 (released: 08 September 2006)

  • New color icons added
  • New feature "Clean" is now available. You can remove colors from multiple folders at once!

FolderHighlight v1.1 (released: 28 January 2006)

  • Stable release with basic functionality